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Our aim is to suitably provide for the individual needs of our clients through responsive coordination and holistic support.

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  • Assist Clients to remain safe at home
  • Provide quality care for all members
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thumb imagesMore than thirty years ago, the Adult Foster Care program was developed and fully funded by Medicaid. There are more than 50 AFC programs across our State. There are still many people underserved and we would like to provide necessary services and support to people who want to remain independent in the community setting.

The Adult Foster Care (AFC) program is an all-inclusive program serving individuals:

  • Who are 16 years and older
  • Who live in private homes/duplexes/other than cluster building settings (special permission for these who live in cluster building settings)
  • Have Standard or CommonHealth type of MassHealth, Fallon Total Care SCO (Senior Care Options) or Tufts SCO or One Care options (formerly known as ICO) under either CCA (Commonwealth Care Alliance) or Network Health/Tufts
  • Have a current primary care physician (PCP)
  • Are eligible for Adult Foster Care (AFC) services
  • Accept assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)

AFC clients are individuals who are motivated to remain in their communities and whose needs are not so great as to preclude family placement. They:

  • May have either a mental or physical disability.
  • Will need assistance with personal care needs related to ADL and/or IADL, like walking, dressing, toileting, eating and bathing, meal preparation
  • A disabled client may require physical assistance or supervision with personal care.
  • Are adults (over age 16) with chronic disabilities and daily personal care needs who are unable to live safely alone.
  • live in the own private homes or homes of qualified caregivers and have the support of our professional staff. It is our goal to keep our clients in their communities so they can continue to grow and thrive.

The Adult Foster Care Program provides enhanced in-home services for high-risk Medicaid individuals who:

  • Do not require 24-hour skilled care in the nursing facility, but require 24-hour care with any type of activities of daily living
  • Can safely remain independent in a residential community setting with structured assistance and supervision with ADL’s and IADL’s.

AFC can be described as an “All-inclusive” program or program which includes Adult Foster Care services, which:

  • Gives clients the opportunity to receive help with all ADL’s and IADL’s
  • Offers problem-focused coordinated care through a team consisting of:
    • an AFC RN, a AFC Care Manager (or similar human service professional) and
    • AFC Caregiver staff
  • Client assessments by AFC Care Managers/Case Managers and AFC RNs are alternated bimonthly or monthly depending on the level of acuity.

Well Given’ Interdisciplinary AFC team includes:

  • AFC Care Manager/AFC Coordinator/Social Worker
  • AFC Registered Nurse
  • AFC Caregiver staff

If you would like to meet with us for an assessment or consultation, please do not hesitate to Set an Appointment online so we can accommodate you. If you have questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 781-320-0855.