Service Areas:

Serving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Our aim is to suitably provide for the individual needs of our clients through responsive coordination and holistic support.

Our Strategic


  • Assist Clients to remain safe at home
  • Provide quality care for all members
  • Compliance

Exceptional Support and Solutions for Both Caregivers and Clients

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Adult Foster Care provides residential setting services to adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Many Adult Foster Care (AFC) clients are already living with a parent, child or other family member who qualifies as a caregiver. In some situations clients could be placed in homes with diligent and compassionate AFC caregivers. If you are an individual with a disability or know of a disabled person in need of care, AFC may be able to help. Our experienced team of nurses and care managers will assess your needs to see if you or someone you know qualifies for this comprehensive MassHealth program.

Financial Support

Adult Foster Care is a MassHealth-funded program that provides a tax-free daily stipend to the caregiver.

Health & Social Support

Our staff members become a support to the clients’ and caregivers’ families. Clients and caregivers are assigned a nurse and care manager who visit them on regular basis. Staff members can answer questions about health issues and serve as a resource for medical training, education and needed interventions. There is available online inquiry to be answered by our multidisciplinary team.

Family Support

With Adult Foster Care, you will receive a foundation to continue care of your beloved ones. We also help our clients to navigate the complexities of living with a disability.

General Resource Support

Seasoned nurses and care managers work to identify vital resources for the client. These can include:

  • Specialized work and community support programs for those with developmental delays
  • Mental health professionals
  • Transportation services
  • Health Insurance issues
  • ADH-Adult Day Health; certified SN-Skilled Nursing services, including SN itself, PT-Physical therapy, OT-Occupational therapy, HHA-Home Health Aide, ST-Speech therapy and etc.; medical transportation and other. Take out “Set an appointment” from this section.